AMERICAN HORROR STORY, you’re back in my heart again!! Loved Murder House, then you lost me during the last season, Asylum, but I know I’ll be waiting anxiously for every episode this time for Coven (season 3). 

Episode 1 has a lot of “Holy Shit!” moments like it will literally make you jump your seat or cringe inside. Love it!

I did not expect to see Emma Roberts to be part of this show but it’s great that she is! When she played her psycho role on Scream 4, I knew she was going to star in horror/creepy productions after that! *applause*applause*
Also, so glad Taissa Farmiga is back on this season. She’s my new favorite actress now! Plus, her fashion choices are ace!! 

This is just what I needed after the end of Breaking Bad. A new tv show to look forward to!