It's Halloween again!! - THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS

I always enjoy October - not just of the pumpkin-spiced-everything, but also it’s costume season! Oh boy, I love to dress up! This is when all sorts of crazies come out and alive! I also love the creepiness, ghost stories, and mystical shenanegans this month has to bring.

So as early as the second day of October, When In Manila hosted a blogger’s get-together where we all had to dress up according to the theme, “Beauty & The Geek”. Of course, my inner geek surfaced! I instantly said I want to go as a “geek” but not just the typical geek (glasses, etc.), I want something geekier than that. What else could be geekier than dressing up as a character from a book/movie, right? Well, it was more of a dorky kind of geek but it’s the same thing. 

imageAwkward poofy cheeks, but here are all 4 runes my sister drew.

There’s just something boring about costumes being bought at a store: every one else has it, no effort, or just simply too lame. My sisters and I always make our own costumes, whether from scratch or different outfits put together, never store-bought. This year, it’s Mortal Instruments-themed costume. My sister, brother (not in photo), and I went as a group of SHADOWHUNTERS. So with this, it was pretty simple because that’s how we dress, minus the tattoos (haha!). Enjoyed the dark vibe and leather. Yeah!

image"In character" shadowhunters hahaha!

This is just the beginning of October! Might go as different characters for different events to shake things up. Wait for more surprises!

What’s your costume for Halloween this year?