Hands Like Houses - "Introduced Species" (video)

When looking for some new music (via YouTube) to add to my iTunes, I just let the music play as background music. If I don’t feel the vibe of the music, it’ll just be static noise in which I don’t pay much attention to.  And no, I don’t watch the videos because I know I’ll get too attached to the band member/s if ever someone catches my eye and it’ll be just another “cute band” for me. 

So this band caught my ear right from the moment it started playing! HANDS LIKE HOUSES, everyone!! Love the energy on every note of this song - the lyrics, the emotions.. The intro sounded like it’s an anthem for kids who want an escape. The rawness of the song sounds so honest, and it just makes you want to put your hands up and jump! That being said, I’ll get their album for sure!!

Bands I discovered tonight:

Hands Like Houses
The Bleach Blonde
Candy Hearts

What are you currently listening to?