Capital Cites Live In Manila: Ayala Malls Tour Press Con

Ayala Malls have been providing us with top shopping experience by presenting, not just great brands to shop at, but also with amazing performances and events by local and international acts.  This January, brace yourselves as American Indie Pop Duo invade the center stage of your favorite Ayala Malls!


Hailing from Los Angeles composers/songwriters Ryan Merchant and Sebu Semonian were writing commercial jingles before they decided to form Capital Cities as a band. I’m pretty sure you (the Capital Cities fan reading this) already know the history and whole 411 about this band so I’ll go straight to what happened at the press conference that was held yesterday!


Honestly, it was the fanciest press con I’ve ever attended which was awesome! After everyone got some snacks from the buffet table and settled in, the program started with a short introduction from Ayala Malls and a trivia game with great prizes! So Capital Cities finally stepped on stage and were asked questions ranging from the music they create, to their fashion, to Sebu’s beard!


But besides his beard, his sense of style was so subtle but expressive at the same time. What caught my eye was the stuff people don’t give much attention to; the socks! Keep rocking those colorful pair of knits, Sebu!


Since this was kind of like a formal press conference, the questions were thoroughly picked out and the band answered them really well. As if they already knew the questions before they were even asked! Better not get into so much details now because you all have to visit one of the Ayala Malls right this moment to see Capital Cities live!!


Congratulations for another successful well-thought out event from Ayala Malls! Now on to the show days - Capital Cities will be performing their infectious pop tunes at four stops:

January 11

4:00PM - Alabang Town Center, Activity Center
7:00PM - Glorietta Activity Center

January 12

3:00PM - Marquee Mall Activity Center, Pampanga City
7:00PM - Trinoma Activity Center


And thank you to Ayala Malls once again for a signed copy of In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery