Man Overboard Live In Manila 2013: 'Tis The Season To Be Pop Punk! FaLa La La La, La La La La..

INTENSE is an understatement describing the crowd for this Man Overboard show! The feelings of excitement and anxiety were such a bad combination. Well for me that was.  The meet & greet was open-floor, meaning anyone can just approach the band and chat with them. No tables, no barriers, no bouncers. It was like a mixer, to really hang out with the band.

Man, they’re the most down-to-earth rockstars I’ve ever met. Every single one of them was so nice! I was freaking out and fan-girling during the meet & greet. I didn’t know who to approach first and when I saw Wayne was just chilling, I tried to approach him but I ran way.. twice! So on the third time, I had a bit of help from my friends so I won’t be as nervous talking to him. Haha! Joe talked to us about donuts and how he likes VooDoo Donuts. Wish I brought donuts for him instead of candy canes :P Wayne lost his candy cane not long after I gave it to him. Justin ate his right away (aww!). Zac was so cool taking in all the “you look like…” comments (Andrew Garfield, Milhouse, etc.). Nik was so cute, he reminded me of Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss) but I forgot to tell him!


I’ve never heard of the opening band, Neverdie, until moments before the show. They were really good! Sounds like a little bit of The Appleseed Cast and some Snow Patrol, punk-rock version. The crowd was quiet though. C’mon guys, give them some love!




After their set, the guitarist Bren was walking around giving out their CD and I was so happy he gave me one! You guys should go give them a listen, it’s gonna be worth your time! 

Then it was Man Overboard on stage!! The crowd was so excited, they began singing the chorus to “Dead End Dreams” as to pump up themselves while the band was getting their gears ready. 


Gotta give it to these guys as they performed 24 SONGS!! Only for this Manila show! Hands down! Where did they get all their energy?! Might be the excitement to see their Manila fans! ;) Plus, they went back on stage to play an encore song, so that made it 25!! And also, they sang Happy Birthday to one lucky girl, so it’s now 26!! :P

  • Secret Pain

  • Dead End Dreams

  • Rare

  • Real Talk

  • Boy Without Batteries

  • I Ate My Gluestick

  • Atlas

  • I Hate Her

  • Dreaming

  • Teleport

  • Swan Dive

  • Real You

  • Something’s Weird

  • Septemberism

  • Disconnect

  • White Lies

  • Fantasy Girl

  • Punishment

  • S.A.D

  • Montrose

  • How To Hide Your Feelings

  • I Like You

  • Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

  • Where I Left You

  • Encore: World Favorite


The crowd went totally nuts song after song after song! Mosh pits here, circle pits there, and even a wall of death! I really wanted to join the mosh but I also wanted to secure my front row spot (fan girl problems). As the mosh pit got bigger and bigger, the whirl even reached the front row so we just held on tightly to the barrier haha! 


Some kids were also crowd surfing and they got thrown to the blank front area. Some were really tossed to the floor and ouch, it looked so painful because woah, dropped to the floor! Good thing no one got injured. 

And Bella (I think that’s her name) who made the album art for Man Overboard’s album Heart Attack was treated like royalty! The band instructed that she should not touch the floor for an entire song and the crowd did what they were told. It looked so much fun being her! ;D 


I also got a guitar pick that Nik threw from stage. Another souvenir for my concert collection!

The energy from this show was pouring over the roof! So much feels and so much love for the band! Gosh, it was indeed the most pop punk Christmas ever! Thank you Pulp for bringing another awesome band to our home land! 

*More photos soon! :)