Taipei, Taiwan // Day 2 (Part 2): Shi Lin Night Market + some weirdstuff

Shi Lin is so fun to visit especially at night when all the lights shine and street vendors come out. It’s so awesome, I have to make a solo post for it! 

Okay, so after the whole day hiking and getting high up the mountains, the bus brought us straight to the city and dropped us off near Shi Lin night market. Speaking of getting “high”, first shop that greeted us along the street of the night market was this Cannabis store. Not sure if it’s only the name or they really sell weed.. Curious to go in though haha!


This area had a lot of surgical clinics and I find it so weird. They open clinic after clinic like it’s a growing fast food franchise! And the sample before/after photos were so crazy! I didn’t even recognize the person in the ‘after’ photo!

Moving on, we went to the indoor market but we were early most of the shops were still setting up their booth. This is where the food trip comes in — the food stalls were just there ready to sell you stuff and stuff you with their yummy/exotic food. We found some unique pineapple cakes around there; it was chocolate brownie wrapped pineapple cake! That shop was the only one we found selling such thing, can’t even be found at the mall or else where!

Then next of course, the yummiest chicken chop in the whole wide world- HOT STAR!! If you go to Taiwan, you have to try this or else you’ve never really visited Taiwan. It’s so humongous, I had to share one with my sister. Shi Lin night market has 2 (or more) Hot Star booths. One that’s really a store (photo), and another one that’s just a stall. 


Since it’s winter, I didn’t really find anything that I can bring back home. The jackets and scarves were cute though but they’re basically useless at tropical Manila. So we just went around and tried the street food. There were tons of exotic ones and they looked so gross.. Like would you actually dare to eat a heart?!


This hanging mushroom stuffed doll caught my attention at first so we went to check it out, and wooah the grilled mushrooms smelled sooo good! They’re delicious too! Something smoked, savory, and flavorful.


And they also have a couple of candy shops for the kids at heart. This wall of Jelly Bellies though! It’s like I want the same colorful canister of pebble-like gummy sweets in my room!

After seeing both the decent and exotic food along the street of Shi Lin Night Market, I just don’t know where to place this now. It’s a waffle but in a shape of a weiner. I’ll just leave you all at that. Puzzled..