It’s always exciting when Fearless Records announces what new compilation they’ll be releasing next. They always sign great bands and produces awesome selections. This year, they released another installment from the Punk Goes collection - Punk Goes 90’s 2!! I don’t know about you guys but I like listening to cover songs especially when they perform it with that gritty and raw sound. This album though, is a mix of strong contenders and the others who just didn’t give the original song justice. 

Well, this is how I rate the songs. From the best to the weakest.

  1. Torn (Ednaswap/ Natalie Imbruglia) - Hands Like Houses
    Hands Like Houses sounds so chill and serene in this one. If they chose another song to play, I don’t think they’ll be on my #1 list here. This is just so perfect.

  2. Comedown (Bush) - Mayday Parade
    The bass lines from the intro just gave it away that it’s Mayday Parade (reference song, “If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask” you’ll hear the resemblance). This one goes straight to my favorite list! It’s like they embraced the song and made it their own. The rawness, the gritty sound, everything they did for this song was perfect. They should play this live, too!

  3. Good Riddance (Green Day) - Ice Nine Kills
    This one has more energy that the original, which kind of reminds me of prom from the movies and yeah, it fits well with an indie coming-of-age film. The violin is a great addition too! 

  4. My Own Worst Enemy (Lit) - Get Scared
    Okay let’s face it, we’ve already heard this song before from various teen movies but never knew who the artist was until now. Or was it just me? (LOL, right?) Anyway, the song may sound like the original but hey, Get Scared kept it raw and very umm, 90’s punk. 

  5. Southtown (P.O.D.) - The Ghost Inside
    The Ghost Inside sounds like a fresher version of P.O.D. without the dreads. I dig the heavy breakdowns in the background mixed with the solid vocals. Almost fooled me that it’s not P.O.D. performing it!

  6. All Star (Smash Mouth) - Chunk! No Captain Chunk
    Isn’t it funny how this song is soooo CNCC?! The cutesy and energetic vibe is so fitting for these French rockers! I can imagine them making a video for this song wearing costumes and stuff like that. 

  7. Today (The Smashing Pumpkins) - Yellowcard
    The violin gave it away! It’s Yellowcard! This song has a chill-high vibe which YC captured with how they managed to tone their sound down, and the violin helped a lot!

  8. Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio ft. L.V.) - Falling In Reverse
    This song made me uneasy while listening to it. But after a few rounds, it became bearable. Maybe it’s because it’s not “gangsta” enough. 

  9. Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) - Memphis May Fire
    Oddly, I only liked the last 1/4 of the song. It was kind of boring. I was expecting more from MMF.

  10. Du Hast (Rammstein) - Motionless In White
    I just don’t know what to say to this one.

  11. Everlong (Foo Fighters) - The Color Morale
    First thought, this song is so weak at every aspect. It’s played in passing and I didn’t even notice. Even if I play it again, nothing. It’s boring and maybe TCM should’ve chosen another song instead. It was too high of a bar to reach Foo Fighters. 

  12. Closer (Nine Inch Nails) - Asking Alexandria
    AA is normally okay for me but not this one. I felt awkward listening to it. Maybe a wrong song choice too.

I know these bands worked so hard into producing music their whole lives and they are on the road constantly. Each of them have strong fan bases who support them in whatever they do. But these are just my honest thoughts and opinions. You can also share what you think about the compilation on the comments section below.