ALBUM REVIEW: Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing

Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing

Real Friends has done it! After a handful of EPs, their first full-length album is not the one to disappoint! With the opening track of "Maybe This Place Is The Same...", you can already feel the emptiness of the room, the longing of emotions, or just that one breath of hope. Or maybe it's just the vintage sound they paired it up with. Or maybe it's just me.

Listening to this album, it'll make you reminisce or think about going on long trips away from all the mess that's called this world. It talks about relationships not exclusively to that significant other, but also about families and of course, those real friends. That feeling of just wanting to wrap those cold bones around the arms of someone who cares. That feeling of growing up and scaring the living hell out of you. That feeling of running away with those boney knees.

This 16-track album is full of raw emotions, the grasping of that last breath in every verse, gritty guitar riffs. This is not a whiny album. This is not a bunch of kids complaining about life. This is not for those looking for something "heavy".

This is an album written by kids who have experienced so much in life; from touring around numerous cities ("Loose Ends"), those been in and out of relationships in terms of loved ones/friends/family ("I Don't Love You Anymore", "Sixteen", "...And We're Just Changing"), to just accepting things as how it's ought to be ("Short Songs"). Maybe this album is written for the kids who are too afraid about anything. Just take the chances and see how they go.

"To: My Old Self" is a track to get lost to. The melody is so serene and calm, but the words scream hurt and vulnerable. Then towards the end of the song, there goes the scratchy vocals that's literally screaming. Not that it's a bad thing, it's totally a good thing! This band really puts so much effort in their masterpiece that is this album.

On a personal note, I feel like I can connect to their last track, "...And We're Just Changing". Because it's true: people change, we change, places and material things don't. But there are some things that stay the same even if we grow older as different people from who we were back then. That's called unconditional love and how ever things may turn out to be, whatever was there in the beginning will always be there. That's how I see it.

Seeing how far Real Friends have gone from their roots, I can say that I'm so proud of these lads for just doing what they love doing. For not stopping because life got in the way. For just chasing their dreams.