Kota Kinabalu: Day 1 // Fuelling Up And Snooze

You know what? I usually prepare and condition myself whenever I'm about to do anything extreme. But weirdly, I didn't prepare anything for this one. I didn't even run to check my endurance, or I didn't even do some exercise prior to this adventure. I was just thinking that I can do it. Haha! (Not recommended)

So the game plan: hop on the plane > sleep and fuel up on day 1 > wing it!

I have little ideas about Mt. Kinabalu but I think I'll just wing it!

Then there was this tiny island so close to the airport runway. It looks so serene and peaceful, like you can do anything you want because you own that island! Do people live there? Is it civilised? Is it for sale? (Haha!)

What would you do if you lived here?

Upon arriving at Kota Kinabalu, food was all we can think about. We didn't get the meals on the plane since it was only 1-2 hours on board. And it would be nice to get Sabah food, than common plane food.

So of course, we went to its local eatery. There were a lot of restaurants to go to but we went to the one with a lot of people. Lunch time crowd always says a lot about the restaurant. Do you agree? And this place has a different way of serving. They let you get anything you want and how much food you want on your plate like a buffet, then you look for a table, then they just look at your plate. They eyeball measure your food and that's how they calculate your bill. Only in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu!

Sabah Chicken Curry and some vegetables

Malaysian curry is the best! It's so strong that you can feel the spice burning your mouth every time you take a bite, but at the same time it's so tasty and out-of-this-world! It also has different varieties, depending on the type of this it's being prepared with.

Back is Sabah, it was everyday curry: breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Then we went to a visit at Amazing Borneo's main office for some last minute trip details. They're the ones in charge of our trip to Mount Kinabalu the next day. Just had to make sure the time the shuttle will pick us up and where.

And also, they showed us our route which is the simplest route among the three choices they have. (Wait until you read my next post, or climb the actual mountain and decide which route you want to take!)

Low's Peak Summit, Mount Kinabalu - highest summit is South East Asia

I knew I needed to save my energy for the hike so I went to bed early while the rest of my family went to check the neighbouring restaurants around. I had to charge myself. Imagining that we were going to climb the highest summit in South East Asia, I just wanted to conquer it. And in order to do that, one must rest and sleep.