ALBUM REVIEW: The Earth Pushed Back

The Earth Pushed Back was one of the most honest records released in 2013

If you’re looking for something to drown your feelings to, I think you’ve found the perfect record. I think this was written in despair, and maybe Have Mercy heard your cries when you were on your own. 

Following their EP back in 2012, Have Mercy released their first album titled The Earth Pushed Back a year after. This 10-track album has a very distinct sound that lets you separate this band from the other melodic punk rock bands out there. Maybe they just carry more angst and dismalness with them, and it works. 

First, let’s talk about the vocals. The vocals alone gave the wholeness to the band’s sound. It carried the entire feel of what they’re trying to get across to their listeners. It’s very raw, poignant, unapologetic. Having heard this band for the first time gave me chills, especially with their song “Let’s Talk About Your Hair”. 

In addition, the way the guitar riffs intensified as the song reached its peak was flawless. It built this dramatic wave around all the instruments and it just blended well together. “Weak At The Knees” is the perfect example to understand what I’m talking about. The emotions, the screams, the yearning, feeling lost; they were all of exquisite quality. See “This Old Ark”, track 4. The grittiness of their sound gave enough honesty to their music that will make their listeners ache for more. When the final track “When I Sleep” ended, I swear it felt like there was something missing so playing the whole album from the start fixed that dilemma. 

If you want a temporary fix, this album is your answer. If you want something to keep you company long-term, this album is your answer. It’s a win-win situation.

Upon hearing this album on first loop, the connection with the music became present right away. You can feel the personal touch they gave for each song. They wrote about inside jokes, broken promises, old letters, giving up, and all the scenarios that can happen in real life. The relevance is very high. 

This album is a hidden gem in the music world today. Go grab yourself a copy instead of a drink. If this record was a drink though, it will be the classiest oldest scotch there is at the top shelf. If it makes you feel any better, you can grab both to calm your nerves. 

Have Mercy has this raw energy that gives their band their own sound

Track list:

01 Level Head
02 The Ancient West
03 Hell
04 This Old Ark
05 Weak At The Knees
06 Let’s Talk About Your Hair
07 Living Dead
08 The Gates
09 Cigarettes And Old Perfume
10 When I Sleep

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