ALBUM REVIEW: All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing

Take Care "All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing"

Take Care is something you tell someone instead of saying goodbye. Take Care is when you want someone to be aware of their surroundings. Take Care is something you say when you really care. The band, Take Care, is not far from those intentions stated above. The band, Take Care, writes sad songs in which they pair up with some catchy beat you can jump and pull your heart strings to. 

Maryland produced 5 lads who will soon take over the pop punk scene. I have a good feeling about this. This band carries contagious sound to their music, it’s really hard to avoid them. I’m telling you, grab a copy of their album, All This Time I’ve Felt Like Nothing, and first track alone will leave you speechless. That ambient guitar plucking on the intro of “1/2/09” will calm your nerves, but then the vocals happened. You know how you can sense the sadness and all the feels from the vocals alone? Yes, Take Care has that element, and it's something not all the bands hold. They built a bridge through their songs, and reaches out to their audience and touches their souls. 

"1/2/09" - If this song doesn't touch your soul, I don't know what will.

Of course, every album has a favorite song. Personally, “Passing Phase” stood out for me. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It might have the cliché palm mute guitars, bouncy vocals, and the anthem-like lines. But hey, it’s very relatable for those who are wishing for something more. And the way the song shifted towards the end, it went from fast riffs to slowed down heavier pace, like giving you two different songs from start to end.

Another thing with this band, they don’t just write songs with vocals. “Reverie” is purely an instrumental genius. Experience the mood with just the music alone. No words, no vocals, no sounds from the human larynx. Stunning, isn’t it?

Actually, most of their songs intensify as it goes on. Take Care is breaking the silence with their thoughts and sounds. I’m really looking forward to more music from this band. One album is not enough. But for now, the repeat button is my best friend.

Breaking the scene: Take Care

Track List:

1. 1/2/09
2. Loiter
3. Passing Phase
4. On My Own
5. Something Stable
6. Reverie
7. Lesson Learned
8. For What It's Worth
9. Stay
10. Come Home
11. ...And I Really Can't Take It Back