TRASH BOAT: The Pop Punk Scene Just Got Better

Talking about pop punk music, I never really remember when I started listening to it. I just happen to have a collection of different albums from different bands. My favorite part is discovering new bands by streaming online or when friends introduce me to stuff I've never heard of before. Man, the feeling of listening to a band for the first time and instantly digging them. Like literally digging up their music online, their shows, concert photos, music videos, etc. That's what happened when I gave Trash Boat a listen. I was instantly hooked. 

Look Alive EP - released June 2014

Trash Boat is gaining a following already, hailing from their roots at St. Albands, UK. They started out playing small shows and somehow found their debut after almost a year. Give their song "Boneless" a listen; that song can sum up how the band sound like --- jumpy punk beats, infectious melody, and that honesty in their words. This band is something I look forward to listening more of. They'll be releasing their full album this May 2015, and for sure I'll be getting a copy of it! 

Trash Boat is one of the bands to look forward to

You may like Trash Boat if you listen to The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Real Friends, etc. The whole pop punk scene is just one circle. If you like one band, you'll surely like the others as well. There are only 4 songs on their EP right now, but that doesn't mean it stops there. Listen to their acoustics on YouTube, singing from their attic and just playing as raw as possible.

Singing songs about when they were sixteen, seeking for who they want to be, being "weak" (Boneless -> boney knees -> Real Friends?) There's a pattern! Haha! The more I listen to them, the more they sound like a hybrid of Neck Deep/The Story So Far (vocals), and Real Friends (lyrically).

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