Mt. Pulag Tour Diary: Three Days Of Adventure (Day 1)

Three days of adventure. Three days of nature. Three days of unwinding without technology around me. This is my tour diary for Mt. Pulag.

February 26, 2015 (pre-adventure):

Rushed packing my backpack and I kept on thinking if I left something out. Have I got my long sleeves? Check. Thermal pants? Check. Head Wear? Check. Stance socks that I was really excited to wear? Check. So I guess I got everything, and I ended up packing my whole weekend in just one 40L backpack. How convenient.

See below for my check list of things that I brought

- Backpack 40L
- 2 cotton long sleeves (better if dri-fit)
- 2 Sports bras
- 2 regular yoga pants
- 1 thermal pants
- 2 compression socks
- 1 extra regular socks
- underwear (bring extras - total of 7 pairs)
- Head Wear scarf (short loop)
- Columbia weather-proof jacket (good for the rain and the cold)
- powerbank
- Garmin watch (just for elevation, distance, time purposes)
- pocket camera
- whistle
- hiking stick
- head lamp
- mini toiletries
- slippers
- trail shoes
- 2L camel back with water
- 1 can Monster energy drink
- 2 bottles Gatorade
- trail bars (I brought 4-5pcs)
- tiny wheat bread peanut butter sandwiches

February 27, 2015:

4AM – Call time
6AM – Meet up at gas station
10:30AM – ETA at the cabin in Baguio
11AM – Unload the car / Prepare lunch
12:30PM – Lunch
2:30PM – Regroup and discuss the itinerary for the next two days
3PM – Nap / Rest
5PM – Re-packing again if there might be something I won’t need for the trek
7PM – Dinner
8PM – Sleep

I think I got a bad cup of Starbucks from the gas station because I was puking really badly on the way up, and it just felt really acidic coming up my throat. Haha!

This is what a group of hikers' living room looks like... Kinda

Anyway, it was nice to see all our backpacks dumped around the living room of the cabin. It made the trip more exciting seeing everyone’s gear ready and it felt legit. Of course, we had to bring snacks with us for the trial and it wouldn’t be complete without peanut butter. Not just any kind of peanut butter, it had to be the big-ass Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter!!

Of course, I just had to bring the big-ass jar of Skippy!

I tried getting all the sleep I can get because in my head, it’s going to be a long climb. So naptime was essential. And fueling up during dinner was as important as well. I also packed up my tiny sandwiches for the trek as trail food; 3 peanut butter sandwiches, and a tuna sandwich. All set!

If you’re a very on-the-go person like me, I think you’ll also be okay with the idea of sleeping in your clothes for the next day. Well, technically, I only slept for a few hours since we woke up at 12:30AM. You see, waking up 30 minutes earlier is such a waste when you can sleep for 30 more minutes.

February 28, 2015:

1AM - Wake-up call
2AM – Loading the Monster Jeep
3AM – Leave cabin
6AM – Stop over at some breakfast cabin, still far from Mt. Pulag
8:30-ishAM – Akiki Trail Jump Off Point / Check in at ranger’s site
9:30AM – Start trek
11AM-ish – Eddet Falls/ Lunch
12NN – Continue trail
3:15PM – Reached Marlboro site/ Tent set up
5PM – Washed up/ Dinner
8PM – Sleep

We left the cabin on time and the road was so dark and still. Breathing fresh air in and it made it easier for me to nap while in transit, but at the same time it felt eerie because the road was just beside a cliff. Oh well, I needed more sleep and besides, the travel time took us about 4 hours. 

Our group packed up the whole Monster Jeep

Empty road going to Mt. Pulag's Ranger Station

After 3 hours of sitting still inside the Monster Jeep, I can feel my butt numbing. Of course, if ever you've tried riding a jeep, it wouldn't feel comfortable. It's too crowded and stuffy. So, a stop over was in check. There was a cozy little cabin that serves breakfast to all the early backpackers. We didn't get breakfast from there since it's just going to make you feel heavy to climb. Just a banana or 2 would do. It was still 1 hour away from the main jump off point but it was pretty chilly already! My butt turned from numb to freezing! Nonetheless, it already got a great view from up there! 

All the Monster Jeeps parked outside the little breakfast cabin

A banana or two would do for breakfast

It was chilly and freezing, but might as well enjoy the view

After the stop over/bathroom break/stretching, we headed to the jump off point for the Akiki Trail. Heard it was difficult. Heard you wouldn't survive if you're inexperienced. Heard you'll hate it. I've heard a lot of things about the Akiki Trail, given that it's the most difficult route going to Mt. Pulag Summit. Well, you'll never know once you tried it. I'll tell you more about the amazing experience on the next one! Stay tuned!