REAL FRIENDS: I Finally Found The Lost Boys

Of all the bands I've been listening to, I always keep this band called Real Friends on loop. There's something about they way they wrote their songs. It's very catchy, and at the same time it speaks so much. I don't know how else to express the way their music reaches out, but to just listen to them all the time. Thinking one day I'll be able to meet these Chicago lost boys and thank them personally for their music and for their words. Thinking one day I'll be able to watch them live as they perform my favorite songs. 

Chicago lost boys --- Real Friends

When their latest LP, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing, came out, I remember instantly getting a bundle for myself. I'm glad I did because that turned out to be one of my favorite albums of all time. It even came with a poster of the band. Wishing to have it signed by them someday. 

Well, I also like taking pictures especially concerts when the band's on stage and just capture the moment right then and there. I've seen bands who put out so much energy live and luckily I was able to shoot them. Bands like that embrace the lens with their enthusiasm, and I think it would be fun and amazing to shoot Real Friends live. I've seen some great basement photos and some big venue shots of them, but I'd be so honored to be given the opportunity to take photographs of them.

Welp! There are a lot more things to say about Real Friends but I guess you just have to listen to their music and feel it. This post would never even compare to how much this band means. Words can't even explain. So just grab a copy of all their EPs and albums for full appreciation. For a raw uncut acoustic vibe, watch their latest release with Fearless Records --- Fearless Family Gathering.