Mt. Pulag Tour Diary: Three Days Of Adventure (Day 2)

Where did we last left off? (From Mt. Pulag Day 1)

Oh yeah! After leaving our last stop over on the way to the jump off point, it took us a few more minutes of riding the Monster Jeep. We couldn't wait to jump out of that nauseating 4-wheeled creature.

February 28, 2015

We reached the Akiki Trail Ranger's Site (Jump Off Point) at around 8:30AM already. The sun was up. We still had to gather around, pay some park fee, and get a guide.

Let the hike begin! --- Mt. Pulag Jump-off Point

Difficult Route you say, eh? We'll see!

I was actually getting ahead of myself thinking that I'm doomed, this hike is difficult!, but no! Don't let your inner thoughts ruin your experience and bring you down! I just took one step after another then later on, I was on a roll! Let the good vibes sink in to you and you won't even feel a single drop of fatigue.

We were so ready! First 2-minute rest of the hike!

After the rest, I just felt like keeping on going without stopping or slowing down. If I slow down, I get tired. If I stop and rest, I get tired. The only way to move forward if to keep going forward. Same goes to living life. ;) During my kind of "alone time" hiking forward, of course I had to stop and take pictures, and just appreciate what was around me. 

Great climb being surrounded by trees and nature.

The way they buried bodies back then. 

The only time I looked back was to check if everyone was still behind me! :)

Trusty New Balance kicks and some compression Stance socks --- must haves!

We started the trek at about 9:30AM. What a great way to start the morning with full of climbing up and up and up! We stopped over at a camping site by Eddet Falls for lunch. What a great way to spend lunch with a waterfall beside you as you eat from your carry-on Lock&Lock using your hands!

Rice for everyone!

After lunch, we just kept on moving so we'd reach the Marlboro camp site on or before 3PM. The adventure must go on. There were two camp sites to choose from where you want to spend the night: Marlboro Camp or Camp 2. We just opt for Marlboro since most of the group wanted an early rest and it had a water source there compared to Camp 2. So the tent set up began!

Hanging bridge --- this is the only part where I slowed down. Don't look down!

What a sunny day! Open field area before reaching the camp site. Sun baked!

Marlboro Camping Site. What a great view!

First time seeing an egg suitcase --- I. MUST. HAVE!

Tired team. Rest time. 

The only gross part about camping out on this open field was that there were cow poops everywhere! Stinky hardened up dry cow poop! Of course no one wanted to touch or get in close contact with those things so we had to ask our guide to kick them off the cliff for us! Hahaha! We settled our gears then had the tents built up, while we cooked dinner!

Cutest camping cook set! 

Mt. Pulag sun set. Beautiful view after a long hike!

Of course, it would be such a hassle to bring plates and fork/spoon set. Everyone was advised to bring their own Tupperware or Lock&Lock so they can eat there (works as a bowl) and then store food after for future use. This also helped us lessen our trash since one of camping's sacred rule is to not leave anything behind! As dinner was over, it was already pitch black dark. That meant, we had to stay inside our tents and get some rest already! It was funny how the camp site was a bit sloping down. Whenever we lied down, we would all end up at the bottom of the tent! 

The girls' tent!

Slopey camp site so we were all sliding down to the bottom of the tent!

 Everyone was asleep already by 8PM because the next day would be a morning you wouldn't want to miss! It's the day we hike up to the summit and watch the sun, as close to you as possible, rising.

So we all woke up by 12:30AM, started to pack up and roll everything again in our backpacks. Of course it was pitch black, a head lamp was definitely required! Day 3 was about to begin!

Team ready and awake to conquer Mt. Pulag's summit!

Day 3 --- to be continued....