Mt. Pulag Tour Diary: Three Days Of Adventure (Day 3)

This is my third and final entry for the Mt. Pulag Tour Diary installment.  For more, see links below. 

So yeah, as I was saying on my previous entry, we packed up and rolled everything again to fit our backpacks. Well-rested and it was already 1AM, so we had to hustle! Checked the camp site if we left anything, and then we were on our way. Remember, do not leave any trash behind!

Also, if you guys were wondering where we showered and cleaned up, most probably you guessed right. At the Marlboro camping grounds, there was a free flowing water supply so it's okay to clean up. But there's a catch! The water was freezing! Better to be clean with cold water than dust dirty, right? Since it was freezing cold, I only used a limited amount of water to bathe. One tabo was enough (about 1 liter), then changed to next day's clothing. 

For me, it's better to sleep in next day's clothing when camping to avoid bringing unnecessary extra clothes. Pack light! --- And also to save time! Remember, you're after the sun rise at the summit!

Pitch black uphill talahib --- your head lamp will be your best friend

Temperature will surely drop at night, but that didn't stop us from star gazing!

The pitch black uphill route to the summit will be scary to some since the only thing that will help you see would be your head lamp. But don't let that stop you from appreciating your surroundings. Stop for a while. Sit on the ground. Turn your head lamp off, and look up at the sky. Beautiful stars await for you to see them, all these away from the busy city life. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that the world is beautiful. 

For those who are not used to this setting, it's okay. Take one step at a time. The air will get thin as you go one step up. Cold crisp air will run through your breathing passage way and fill your lungs. It's okay. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly. Think about the fresh air and how the smell of grass is surrounding you. You'll be okay.

Summit --- the sun is almost up!

Good morning!, said the sun.

Mt. Pulag --- CHECK!

Team Greenhills!

It was such a great accomplishment reaching the summit of Mt. Pulag and to watch the sun rise so close in front of you. It was as if something picked you up from ground zero and dropped you on top of the mountain 2,922 meters above sea level. 

Stand by the edge of the summit, you'll see how vast this park is. You'll see how high you've climbed. You'll mumble to yourself, I did it. You'll see tiny trail of people as small as ants going down the mountain. It'll make you want to follow those tiny ants because the sun's getting too hot and close now.

Amazing view Mt. Pulag has to offer

Trekking down from mountain to mountain after Mt. Pulag's summit

Air was still cold, but the sun was getting really hot!

Mossy forest going down --- this route is also for Ambangeg Trail going up

They said, that's the oldest tree we were touching!

If you see the stairs-like terraces, you're almost near the end!

Finally, wrapped up Mt. Pulag in 10hr28mins, minus the 40-50mins waiting time (sleep not included)

Total time for me was 9hr48mins to climb up and down Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail. Overall, not bad of a beginner climber. The experience was very different from my other climbs since this had camping, temperature drops, and bathing with one liter of cold water only. I'd say I would climb Mt. Pulag all over again just for fun. My feet didn't even hurt, my muscles didn't have delayed pains, my state of mind was consistently sane all throughout. I'm so game for another adventure! 

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