Playlist Of The Week: 6/22/2015

When the world runs out of positive energy you're looking for.

This week's playlist surprised me a whole lot! Didn't expect I would listen to this genre because as you all know I'm a punk-rock fan. But these are remixes, and remixes done right are full of energy. I need more positive vibes and surely, these songs channel that old eighties roller blading rink. Dance, jump, glide through that dark cloud you call a day. 

1. Latch/Stockholm Syndrome (mash-up) - Sam Smith/One Direction 

2. Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair remix) - Ed Sheeran 

3. 18 (Nicky Romero remix) - One Direction 

4. Shut Up And Dance (Jack Quade Bootleg remix) - Walk The Moon 

5. Tear In My Heart - 21 Pilots

Playlist for the week of 6/22/2015

Do you have any remixes you want to share? I'll definitely listen to it! Please leave a link down on the comments section!