Il Mercato Centrale Firenze: Florence, Italy (Day 8)

Ask any traveler what they do while on the road. They would most probably say trying out new dishes the city has to offer. Food is an international language which everyone loves and understands. It is where people bond over and communicate, and spend time with each other. It's just one of the magic elements of food. And this time, I feel blessed enough to be wandering the streets of Florence, Italy with my fambam and discovering the real taste of their local market. 

The colorful sight of Il Mercato Centrale

You see, I realized that Italy has a very high standard when it comes to their food. They have simple recipes but with hard-to-find ingredients. Take a look at this one: Black Truffles! You don't need much when adding this special ingredient to your pasta, and you don't need a lot of other supporting ingredients mixed in, but it has quite the price. The other kind of truffles at the back is crazy expensive also! Not sure if it's the small one or the big one, but either way, it's €330,000 for each! They really take their food and taste seriously... That's why it's really worth it to go food tripping around Italy (or Europe, for this matter)!

Black and white truffles being sold at Il Mercato Centrale

If you're still wondering what this place is called, it's Il Mercato Centrale. It's basically their central market for everything delicious! The have all sorts of meals and munchies from seafood, to steaks, to vegan! Plus wine for every meal. Being curious about the vegan lifestyle ever since I learned about culinary, I got myself a vegan burger! For a non meat-eater like me, I don't miss the juicy brown steak nor the feeling of eating carcass in your mouth, that's why it was an easy choice for me to opt for this vegan delight! 

Fresh out of the oven: Vegan Burger from Veg & Veg

Everything in this burger was freshly assembled by hand in front of you. With fresh and not soggy veggies, which are wonderful to look at for their assorted colors! And how Italian can this joint get by naming some of the burgers after famous Italian artists! 

Healthy art: Veg & Veg's vegan burger

Of course, I enjoyed my big serving of this vegan burger! How was the patty meatless, you ask? Well, it's made of grown substances like chick pea and a lot spices that's why it was bursting with flavors! Plus, it has this sour cream sauce thing on top of the veggies! This thing was ace!

Seriously, you couldn't bite the whole thing as it is!

If you ever find yourself on a wanderlastful adventure, please don't skip this place in Florence, Italy. Do me a favor and try all of their food for me! I was only able to try this vegan burger and a seafood platter (see pic above), but I think to really maximize the dishes here you have to try everything! Haha!

The Veg & Veg team serving everyone their vegetarian needs

I'll be writing more about our trip so stay tuned! And this won't be the traditional kind, I'll just be jumping from day to day so it's up to you to puzzle everything together!