The Bull Runner Announces 800 Participants: ARE YOU IN?

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2016

I've never ran a marathon before but I've been trying to train since 2013 for it! The longest distance I've ran was just about 12km for a Sunday morning routine. The longest distance run I've joined was just 10km for a fun beach run. So yeah, I was pretty darn excited when I heard about The Bull Runner's beginner's marathon! Tried and I'm still trying to save up for this since it's pretty steep compared to other marathon fees, but I'm sure it will all be worth it! The experience and the training sessions, the people you'll meet in the process, the lessons and goals reached; it will all be worth it!

Upon finding out the date for signing up, I made sure I would have stable wifi for the exact time the website opens. I kept on refreshing the website minutes before it opened just to be the one of the first to submit my form. And then of course, the I had to wait for the filtered name list a for a few days.

*A few days later*

The list was published and I wasn't really sure if my name would be on it. I kept on thinking at the back of my head, I'm only a beginner runner and why would they even put me in. Then I realized, this is a marathon for beginners, you silly! So I scrolled down, down, down, trying to look for my name on the list of 800. There it was, in the middle of all the Tan's that applied! Yaaaay! I'm in! All I have to do now is to register to finalize my application, the wait again. Looking forward for the kit, the training sessions, and of course, the marathon itself! Something to be excited about next year!

How about you? Are you in?

Registration successful for The Dream Marathon 2016!


Not sure if it was just me or the online system was really down a few minutes after midnight when it was supposed to be up and running. Anyway, I kept on refreshing my link and finally it went it at around 12:20AM. This is it! No more turning back! My first ever full marathon in about 6 months from now! Woohoo! On a different note, I hope I'm one of the first 30 to register because that Otterbox arm band! Looking forward to getting my kit!