Cute But Twisted: Miniature Cards Against Humanity

Are you a board game fanatic? Do you like bringing your card games with you anywhere you go? Do you think it's hassle to bring such bulky items with you all the time? If your answer to all the questions are YES, then maybe this one's for you! Introducing the miniature version of the Cards Against Humanity card game! 

Miniature version of Cards Against Humanity

I've seen this thing around the internet and even celebrities playing it on TV shows. It's been making a buzz with all the dark humor it has. It's not your typical card game.. This one is definitely made for the ones who like laughing out loud to silly things. It's even known to be played as a drinking game! See, how all-around this game is! 

So if you think it's fun, wait til you see the miniature version of it! It's similar to the big ones, minus the chunk. You can bring it anywhere with you, and play any time you want! 

Dark humor, laughter, and silliness all rolled in one card game

Think about it... You can be the life of the party to whip up a tiny version of something cool! Anything tiny = extra cute!  Now you ask where to get this... 

You can order at their Instagram page: @miniaturecardgames
Only Php695 each.
Order this week (Sept. 7 - 11) and get it for only Php650!

Miniature Card Games available at @miniaturecardgames (Instagram)