Finding Comfort In Food: Cheese & Spinach Quiche

I always find solace and comfort in food. Whether it be consuming the best of the best or making something from scratch, it always gives me this peace in my head. This time, I wasn't into experimenting or making something out of the ordinary. I just want to relax and whip up something that everyone would love. Something simple, I was thinking. Something that has easy ingredients. Something that can look presentable, and at the same time won't cost me so much. It's also secretly healthy in some ways because vegetables are incorporated in this recipe, with a balance of protein and fats. What can this be? Of course, it's the old recipe of the CHEESE & SPINACH QUICHE!

Read up for a step by step instructions on how to make this goody and impress your family and friends! It's also a good dish to bring to a get-together! 

Now pay close attention...


1. Prepare the dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut the cold butter to cubes so it will be easily incorporated to the flour mixture on the next step.

2. Use fork to cut butter into the flour mix. You may add cold water, by the teaspoon, to form big crumbs on the dough. Keep folding until the dough is put together well. When the dough is becoming smooth in texture, you may start kneading with your hand at this point to keep the dough well-blended.

3. When the dough is smooth in texture, split it to two and form a disc shape. Wrap it with cling wrap covering the dough well and toss it in the chiller. You'd want to chill the dough for an hour to set it and give a rest for a while. 



While waiting for the dough to chill in the fridge, this is your time to prepare the quiche filling. You can actually add any ingredient you want, but for this one we're using cheese and spinach! 

1. Rinse your spinach in cold water, with salt if you wish. Drain afterwards. Fresh spinach is a better option than frozen ones because frozen ones usually contains more water and moisture, which will be a problem later on when baking. 

2. Dice your red onion. Yes, it will make you cry like there's no tomorrow so make sure that your knife is sharp so you chop this tear-jerker fast! 

3. Set aside all your ingredients you wish to include in your quiche. A neat and proper way to sort them without having to wash a lot of dishes after your preparation would be to place everything on a tray. And preparing everything will make your kitchen life much easier!

When ready, sauteé these savory delights in a pan. Things will be moving fast once your start sauteéing since we don't want to cook the veggies fully. We just want to mix all the flavors together before putting in the oven.

4. By this time, your dough is now ready. Bring it out of the fridge. Flour a surface of your preparation table and roll the dough with a floured up rolling pin. Roll it out some more if your tart dish is more that 7-inches. I'm using a 9-inch tart dish so I had to roll it out more, thus the cracked edges. (My mistake!) So I just had to spend like 10 minutes to fix the edges of the tart. Huhu!

Arrange your sauteéd filling inside the tart you just rolled out. Place the spinach and cheese evenly.

5. Pour the egg mixture over the spinach and fill the tart up to the brim. Carefully place the dish inside the oven. Emphasize on CAREFUL because this might spill! Bake for about 35 minutes. 

6. Oh look at that golden brown goodness on top! The egg and melted cheese look so beautiful combined, and the tart's warm butter aroma filled the house! Just a few clicks here and there, and this dish is ready to be served! 

I'm pretty pleased with the result of this tart given the tired mood I was in during that day. The egg was fluffy, the cheese melted its way in every slice, the spinach gave a little kick with the spices cooked with it. The only thing I wish I did was use a higher pan so it can hold more filling (more cheese!), and one that has smaller circumference. 

What are your thoughts? What have you cooked lately and post your experience below!