One Happy Camper At Blogapalooza 2015

I've been looking forward to this event ever since the beginning of the year since I promised myself I'd attend Blogapalooza 2015. It has been marked down on my calendar as I told myself, whatever happens, I'll be at Blogapalooza. Tada! Even if I was still sick, I managed to get up, be there, and mingle for even just 2 hours.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the booths and people around. I even had to make a strategic plan in my head in 2 minutes so I wouldn't look weird just standing staring blankly ahead haha! I told myself and my sister that we'll just go around and browse through first as a warm up, and maybe say Hi to familiar faces. Second round was to try out the booths we saw interesting, like play their games or try their products. Third round was for the other booths we missed on the previous round. And fourth was just to browse around, maybe they have something new. Huddle, huddle, game time! 


So first booth that caught our attention at the back was called SNIPE. They're this app company that let's you browse the mall on the palm of your hands! Just search for the mall you plan to go to, or the mall you're at --- either way, it can do the searching of an item for you! Just sit back and drink your coffee, while your phone searches for your shopping list! Participating malls are the big ones like Shangri-La Plaza, SM Megamall, Glorietta, Greenbelt, MOA, etc. 

Anyway, they have this game that people were lining up for! Objective was to fan our the autumn leaves until you spot a small coupon, which automatically wins you a prize! And I got tiny Thor as my first prize of the day! Not bad! 

SNIPE lets you search for items in the mall by using their mobile app


Colorful always gets my attention, and the interesting street style artwork of this booth totally got me looped! THE DIFF --- they had really cool coloring books, customized mobile cases, sugar cookies with their designs, doodle wall, and artists who were sketching on the spot! 

THE DIFF giving away doodled sugar cookies, and promoting their custom mobile cases

"Wee Will Doodle You Will Color", the cutest coloring book I've seen so far! 


Of course, there was the OUTBREAK MANILA (Runtertainment, Inc.) booth with zombies hovering you as you play their game. It's not pressure enough that the game was timed, there had to be a couple of zombies lurking at you! Which leads to the excitement of their upcoming event poster that only says "Outbreak Manila COMING SOON". Like all the avid Outbreak followers out there, I can't wait for its release! 

Little Red ZombieHood and Athletic Zombie were hungry. Hey Nat, have you heard of running?!


An interesting app that's making itself known to travelers and last-minute bookers, HOTEL QUICKLY. Type in the location of your destination and several hotels with prices will show up for you to choose. It's a good way to get a fixed price on your hotels and everything's been pre-paid already. Just show up at the hotel's reception and they'll handle it for you from there. They also had a promo and a game, which gained me some store credit which I can use for my future hotel booking! Woohoo!! (use my code for your booking to earn yourself Php600 worth of store credits: TTANX12)

HOTEL QUICKLY lets you book your stay hassle-free


One of my baon through elementary and high school, CHIPS DELIGHT! They used to have a few flavors only, but now they have the chocolate brittle cookie! Oh wow, they knew what these kids back then are into now, and it's awesome! They were giving out packs of cookies for everyone to try, and it just makes everyone happy and satisfied. Saving this baon for work now that I graduated school! 

CHIPS DELIGHT sharing the love for this holiday!


This next booth was an interesting one. It's called I AM CARDBOARD PH, and they have virtual reality with no need of any electrical outlets! Just insert your smart phone in front and plug in your headphones, get amazed! The spectacles are made of recycled cardboard and turned into something innovative. The best part about my time in this booth was when the guys (Emil & Mik) dared me to try this clip, titled "Sisters", that no man in their workplace was able to finish until the end. It even made some of them scream and cry. I got really curious, as a horror fan like me would be, so I tried it. Objective was to finish the clip without screaming or giving up, then I get a pair of I Am Cardboard PH VR spectacles. I was like, oh this is on! In the middle of watching, I flinched for just a little bit, then the next thing I knew it was over. It wasn't really that scary, guys! Haha! Thank you for the I Am Cardboard PH VR toy! I accept the next dare if there will be anything scarier than "Sisters"!

Thank you Emil and Mik for my new I AM CARDBOARD PH toy!


Before I left Blogapalooza, I made it a point to have a photo with the panda who's been trying to photo-bomb the photobooth and making kulit people. And there he was --- FOOD PANDA! They're this delivery app that carries a lot of food brands under them. You can order your favorite comfort food at a click on your smart phone! 

FOOD PANDA delivers your favorite comfort food in one click!


There were more brands and businesses that I enjoyed at Blogapalooza! It will be too long of a write up if I tell you guys everything here! A better option would be to attend the next Blogapalooza next year! Yes, you heard me, next year! Mark your calendars already and get out explore the world! 

This year's experience for a Blogapalooza goer is overwhelming but at the same time great! There were points needed to be addressed and improved (space, sound system, security), but in the end it delivered what it said it will. It got across the ideas and awareness of today's digital world. 

Some of the awesome gifts from Blogapalooza's participating brands

It was really awesome to meet other bloggers of different genres and to listen to their stories. If you're a newbie blogger and want to learn more about the blogging community, Blogapalooza is one great outlet for you to be exposed to the pros. Whether it be having a casual chat with a travel blogger or getting outfit ideas from a fashion blogger, this community never runs out of innovative young minds. Hope to see more bloggers out there in future events! Once again, congratulations to the team behind Blogapalooza and!