This Is Why I Hate Wednesdays

Wine Wednesdays to make it all better

Wednesday is not the start of the week.
Wednesday is not the end of the week.
In fact, Wednesday is trying so hard to be fun but it's just full of life hassles.
It's that pile of work you thought you've finished a few hours ago. 
It's that long walk you've been moving your legs forward to but to realize you still have a lot to cover ahead of you. 
It's that endless pit where everything gets dark and hopeless.
It's trying so desperately to be happy hour when obviously, it's just the hour before it. 
It's not the climax of the movie, but the draggy scene before that. 
It's that tight pinching and twirling of your stomach prior to releasing your bowel. 
It's that start up of your computer which takes forever to load.
It's that loud voice in your head when you want peace and quiet. 
Why are you trying so hard to be part of the cool kids, Wednesday? Whatever you do, you won't be as cool. 
Wednesday is when everyone feels the slow-paced movement of time at its peak. You all just want it to be the weekend already. It's so close, but not really. 

Two days already passed and you're stuck in the middle. There's no turning back so you just deal with it. Keep your head up and move forward. Pour yourself a glass of Sangria. You can almost feel Friday. Not quite, but almost. Just do what you do and the next thing you know, the week is over. Take a sip of your fermented grape drink once more. You jump with joy and bump your fist in the air. It's over. You can relax soon. You're almost there.