Chicago, Illinois: Pizza, Animals, & Art (Part 2)

Of course, Chicago wouldn't be complete without their famous deep dish pizza! I've always wondered what the difference between the authentic one and the ones we have back home. The original was flooded with cheese in that deep crust! Need I say more? You see, I can easily forget the past deep dishes I've eaten which mostly consists of an inch thick of crust (so much for deep dish). This is the real thing! 

1. Giordano's - Pizza joint that was being lined up with tourists and locals. Great stuff! 

2. McDonald's - I know, I know... why in the world did we go to McDonald's?! You see, we're early birds, and early birds in Chicago means that all restaurants are still closed. The ones open at 7 in the morning can be counted with one hand. We only considered their McDonald's because they served bagel sandwiches with a steak patty, egg, and cheese. So that's something you don't see everyday at our local McDonald's franchise.

3. Dylan's Candy Bar - Candy shop with an actual bar on the side! This was literally what being a kid losing it in a candy shop felt like. Two stories of candy heaven with an ice cream and cocktail bar once you feel like you're ready to adult. 

4. Lincoln Park Zoo - Open park zoo to everyone, no admission fee. All the way up north from downtown, it was windy and freezing but who could say no to free entrance and animals? Watch out for furry cuties and that red panda! 

5. Downtown Chicago - Where everything is just a block away! Shops, restaurants, pizza, museums, zoo, more shops, popcorn, board walk --- everything was easy and accessible. Walking wasn't a problem given the nice cold weather. 

6. Art Institute of Chicago - Free entrance after 5pm! It was a massive place to look and appreciate art. It reminded me of the Louvre in Paris. They housed paintings as early as the middle ages, from French artists, to Italian, to Americans! This museum was so diverse, it was kind of overwhelming. But then again, I find art beautiful and inspiring especially the story behind every master piece. Another awesome event was that Van Gogh's famous painting of "The Room" was in town! I first saw the painting in Louvre and it was pretty awesome. The special painting was viewable by purchasing another pass to the room where "The Room" was, though we didn't get to see it again. However, other Van Gogh pieces were just lying around the museum together with Monet, Andy Warhol from the Modern Art section, American Gothic by Grant Wood from the American Art section, and a whole lot more! 

*Photos from Canon 70D and iPhone 6