MT. ARAYAT: The Story Of My First Climb

MT. ARAYAT: The Story Of My First Climb

This is Mt. Arayat. 
This was 2014.
This was my first climb.

I never knew that I would like mountain hiking as a leisure activity until I randomly said Yes to climbing Mt. Arayat. I didn't even bother asking where it was nor what was the difficulty of the trail. I just said, game let's do this, and showed up with my dad and his fitness buds.

So there I was, unknowingly hiking a mountain so steep and sun so bright --- didn't even know what was going to happen. For starters, I only brought a hat, sunglasses, a belt bag with a bottle of Pocari Sweat in it. A freaking 500mL bottle of just Pocari Sweat! Talk about beginner! 

Anyway, I knew in my head that I was physically fit for any activity that's why I said Yes to this adventure. After all, I didn't finish my Insanity workout for nothing. Thanks Shaun T!, I thought to myself. Then off we went! Jumped off at a ranger station, which I knew nothing about. (Sorry, this blog won't be as helpful as my other hike posts because I really did not know what was happening!) All I know is that we left Manila really early, like around 3AM so we started our trek around 8AM already after settling some payments at the station. 

One thing about hiking is that you have to keep going to maintain your adrenaline and breath. The more you stop, the faster you get tired because your body will turn lethargic, well that's just based on my opinion. With this mindset, I was able to keep up with the faster individuals in front of the pack. 

This trail was a bit challenging in a way that it was so steep, we had to literally climb our way down using large tree roots to hold on to. (see photo below) But no sweat! This made the trail even more exciting! 

I was such a beginner, I didn't know what "traverse" meant. When they said let's go traverse, I just said Yes again! Haha! 

TRAVERSE: tra-vers
- To travel across or through

And so traverse it was! 

The rewarding part of traversing Mt. Arayat was that we were able to climb on top of 3 summits in a day! The view was spectacular! Trees were very green and the air was so fresh! You'll never see anything like this in this busy city! Also, climbing that flag pole on top of the summit was the cherry on top of this incredible hike! 

Now, if you think you're not physically fit or anything, I would not recommend Mt. Arayat. We encountered a lot of parts where we had to rappel up using a tree root, or literally rock climb (like wall climbing) our way up without any ropes to guide us. It's also had a lot of steep ups and steep downs all through out the trail.

Exhaustion started during my descent because my Pocari Sweat was empty and I didn't have anything to drink! 
Take note, bring a CamelBack! 

Everyone in the group went prepared, they even prepared lunch for everyone! It was roughly about 8 hours to climb Mt. Arayat in traverse, so naturally we had to eat lunch mid-trek. 

In the end, this first time climber was able to see and appreciate nature in a more adventurous way! 
Would I climb Mt. Arayat again? YES! 
Would I be more prepared next time? YES! 

This is my story on how it all started!
To more climbs in the future!